Computers have become part of our daily lives and we need have the basic understanding of what they are made of to ensure that we are aware when there is any problem. Having the basic knowledge of what makes your computer helps you make informed choices when buying such a machine as well as help you understands how each component of it works. It also enables you to identify a given problem that your computer may be having so you can work on it fast for your machine to serve you better. This article will help you understand the basic computer hardware and their functions. It also discusses the role of each major component on your PC.

The motherboard as the name suggests is the life of your computer because this is where all computer objects are attached. From the mother board, information is exchanged and it flows to all parts of your machine. Basic computer functions are initiated in the motherboard and hence if this part of your machine is found to be faulty , you are not able to use it at all. Like a mother it natures the rest of the machine and ensures that all parts are well attached and able to function well as expected.

The CPU or central processing unit is the brain of your computer and it serves to give commands to the rest of your machine. This is the point where all calculations and operations of your machine are carried out. The more powerful your CPU is, the more efficient your machine is. When you have a weak or faulty one, you can be sure that you will have very slow service from your computer. When buying a new computer one o f the things you should look out for is the size of your CPU because it will determine the cost and efficiency of your machine. The size and the make of your CPU will depend on the brand or make of computer that you purchase.

The random access memory popularly known as RAM is a very crucial hardware component of your computer. This acts as a storage of the data that your CPU is processing or calculating hence it makes great contributions to your machine that cannot be overlooked .When you are buying your machine, you will need to ensure that you have enough RAM space to ensure efficiency . The speeds of your computer are determined by the size of your RAM.

The hard disc drive is the part where all your files are stored and anything that has been processed is taken to there. There hard discs of computers vary and you are able to install several hard discs into your machine the size of the disc also determines the power of your machine.

The network card is a hardware component of your machine that enables you to connect to several machines together. This is mainly used in organizations and offices that need to stay in touch with each other. The technician is able to put your machines in a local area network or wide area network using  this card.

The sound card is one hardware component that helps your computer emit sounds; hence,  if you want to listen to music or play videos, this is what produces the sound most computers come with this from the manufacturer.

Optical drives are another part of your computer hardware that enable you get information from external sources and they are available as part of your machine. This component enables you watch movies and share information from one machine to another.

Having a basic understanding of how your computer is made is very important because it enables you understand what the problem is with your machine in the event you take it to a technician. For the very ambitious people, if you have a basic knowledge of how your computer hardware works, you are able to assemble your very own computer from scratch by simply buying the basic components. Technical geeks are known to buy all the parts differently and assemble them together to come up with a whole machine that actually functions like all the branded computers. If your machine is not functioning with the knowledge above,  you are able to go out in the market and source for a technician who can upgrade the specific part that you would like to be worked on.


Computers have become a part of our daily lives and they are indeed very vital in enhancing how we communicate and run our day to day activities. The increased use of computer and technology has made life much easier. At the moment, you are able to make purchases or acquire a degree from home by use of a computer with internet connection. In some places, a computer is expensive to acquire. Therefore, it is indeed important to ensure that it is well taken care of to avoid unnecessary costs or repair and maintenance.  Once you invest in buying a computer, you will need to ensure it serves you for the longest period of time which will give you value for your money.

Ensure your computer is plugged to a UPS (Uninterrupted power supply) to avoid power surges that can cause damage to your computer. Power surges are caused by an increase in power flow or reduced power flow.

Back all your important files to help you avoid losing so much data in the event your computer crashes or gets destroyed. This can be done in cloud formats from companies which offer this service or using the traditional methods like CD’S and flash discs.

Ensure that your computer has updated antivirus software that protects it from virus attacks especially if you are using the internet. Keep updating the antivirus often to ensure that your computer is protected at all times. When using foreign objects, scan them for viruses before you plug them in to your computer to help you avoid virus infections to your computer.

Do not unplug any of your power cables while your machine is in use because this can lead to the destruction of it. This normally has damaging effect on your mother board and can lead to the need to replace your computer.

It is important to always have some free space in your machine to ensure the proper running of your windows program. Using up all the space in your machine means that you will have a very slow computer that will hamper the efficiency of your usage. In the event you realize you do not have enough space, you should increase the storage of your computer by getting a bigger hard disc from a qualified technician.

Install passwords and administrative rights on your computer to avoid getting it hijacked or taken over by hackers. When choosing such passwords, use hard to copy passwords or one that cannot be guessed by anyone accessing your machine. Do not write down your passwords and leave them visible to avoid unauthorized people getting into your machine

When using your machine on high speed broadband or internet, ensure that you install firewalls software’s  that protect your machine against incoming threats .They work like antivirus; however, they are able to block more vicious attacks that may leave your machine dilapidated. Some operating systems may have in built firewalls and this can be combined with anti- spy wares that may lead to your machine being invaded.

Email attachments are mainly used by hackers to transmit any new virus in the technology world hence you should be very careful to avoid opening unknown emails. Only open an email that you are sure is from a person that you interact with do not get lured to open emails with an attractive titles whose source cannot be established.

Delete old unnecessary fields that you may have stored on your computer to avoid depleting your memory space. The unnecessary in the computer can include files that you no longer need or temporary internet ones. This should also be applied to software’s that you do not use on a regular basis. Doing this will indeed save you space and increase efficiency of your machine. Your machine will load faster and serve you well.

Computers have helped improve our lives in many ways and ensuring that you have the best machine is important not only to enhance your productivity but also ensure less costs of maintenance. Like every machine you will need to maintain it well and at times you will be required to do frequent servicing to serve you better. You will therefore be require to look for a reliable computer technician to call for services, particularly if you do not have the equivalent skills or training. On a day to day basis ensure that the tips above are followed to give your computer a longer life span. These tips are basics for each computer hence should be taken very seriously.


Technology is a great invention that has helped improve the quality of our lives and has led to increased efficiency not only in how we communicate and but also in the way we conduct day today business. It has led to the evolution of great ideas and implementation of the same for the betterment of mankind. The great innovations have brought about ease in the way of doing business and increased production in virtually all spheres of life. The fruits of technology have brought about more freedom into our lives and in some instances reduced the privacy in our homes .

In some areas technology has led people to become antisocial since they are glued to their phones catching up on the social media networks. There has been a great change in how we communicate with our family and friends thanks to the great strides made in the world of technology. Today, you are able to get a message across the world in a matter of minutes by simply clicking a button. It has led to the fact that you can have meeting with your family via video links and not physically meet them over several years.

The social interaction of children has changed due to the fact that they are now able to have fun even without interacting with others due to video games and other entertainment forms over the internet. This has replaced the old methods of play for children that were done in open fields and involved a lot of physical activity.

Reduced physical activity for both children and adults is one of the negative impacts that technology has brought about in our lives. This is because from the comfort of your home you are able to carry so many activities that you don’t have to leave to get the basics of life. There are online shopping options, movies online and cable TV that can keep you engaged every day. This has led to increased number of obesity cases and this has an impact on the rate of life expectancy level.

One piece of technology that has completely changed our social lives across the world is the use of the mobile phone. Our lives have become totally dependent on the mobile phones and most people will not function without phones even for a day. We are able to conduct business across the world on our phones, and keep in touch relatives, friends customers and other important people more easily than before. Parents are also able to keep tab of their children because they can reach them at any time of the day. The mobile phone has led to some older forms of communication like the writing of letters to become almost obsolete. The mobile phone industry has really grown and given so many opportunities for business and employment to billions across the world which has led to better quality of life for them.

The launch of the internet has led to huge changes in how we interact and socialize with those close to us and this is what has led to the world becoming a global village. Thanks to the internet, you are able to date people in other continents. You are even able to chat with them on a daily basis, and this has led to more people around the world interacting and knowing how different cultures operate. Thanks to the internet, more women are able to work from home and raise their children. This has great impacts in how they grow and develop. This is because the mothers are able to spend more time with their children and balance their work life and monitor the growth of their children better. The internet has led to the availability of more information on any topic under the sun that you would wish to find information on. The social media has also led to better relationships with our loved ones because you are able to keep in touch with them more frequently and easily.

Technology has had a huge impact on our social lives and has led to us getting better quality of life due to the ease of communication. Though there are very many positive stories of how technology has made our lives better, we need to be careful not to be too busy to engage in our social activities that lead to better quality of life. As noted, embracement of technology has led to other negative repercussions including increased cases of lifestyle diseases, environmental degradation, and technology related crimes.